From $384k to $1.2 Million in 9 months

Nobody wakes up and says, “I can’t wait to go to the gynecologist!”

Henderson OB/GYN was a practice struggling even though their Dr Wells with Vivarevenues were close to $400,000.  The basic challenge, the practice was attracting the wrong type of patients who did not value their health or the medical recommendations.


The original growth was stagnant from what the physician knew how to do.  Traditional ads, spending money that was not generating an effective Return on Investment (ROI)


Implemented the MDE Programs:

MDE Ultimate Referral Plan

MDE Celebrity Factor

MDE Customers (Patients) For Life 

Changing his offerings, creating a cohesive promotion, using his existing great patients to bring in more like them and discourage the bad patients to choose another doctor based on their behavior.  The solution required a COMPLETE makeover.  We implemented 38 systems that worked automatically.

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CD:  From $384k to $1.2