What We Believe

  • We believe that if you have your retirement, kid’s college fund and income at risk everyday by being in private practice that you should be able to PICK your Patients
  • We believe YOU the DOCTOR should be happy too
  • We believe that healthcare is better when everyone is happy
  • We believe that every DOCTOR should have an amazing and successful practice
  • We believe that hiring someone to help your practice should be guaranteed
  • We believe laughing is healthy and patients love to see that their doctors are real and have real feelings
  • We believe that you should share your gifts with the world
  • We believe that private practice physician owners should be able to choose which procedures they want to do
  • We believe that the procedures doctors in private practice should do are the ones that are fun, fulfilling, easy and fun – ph yeah, did we say fun?
  • We believe that doctors can choose how hard they want to work and have time freedom
  • We believe that everyone  should get what they pay for
  • We believe in starting when you are scared
  • We believe in doing better daily
  • We believe how you deal with failure will determine if you ever get to deal with success
  • We believe that happier patients get better quicker
  • We believe that when hiring an agency to help, the only thing that counts is your bank deposits (we don’t count clicks, we don’t count likes, we don’t count calls – We only count DOLLARS)
  • We believe in happiness

A world where EVERY physician develops their dream practice helping patients feel great!

OUR MISSIONMDE & Associates exists to end physician frustration, medical practice struggle and create experiences where passion and purpose come together to form fun, lucrative and successful businesses.

Picture1We are a group of consultants lead by our founder Richelle Shaw, award winning successful business owner who wrote the #1 Best Seller – The Million Dollar Equation – and The Million Dollar Equation for Doctors.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in both trusted and innovative strategies to grow practices quickly!

But at the core – our practice is focused on GROWTH. Our consultants start with a inspecting your current business, finding the holes then refocusing and leveraging the opportunities inside. With our “Fresh Eyes”, we then move your practice from stagnant to explosive growth.

OUR DIFFERENCEWhat makes what we do so special that we require an application?

We guarantee our results!

If we don’t double your investment, we work for FREE until we do!